A 27-foot boat exploded approximately two miles offshore of the Venice Pier Tuesday afternoon, November 17th, and two passengers, who were reportedly on board, are missing, authorities said.

Los Angeles County Fire Department, Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Department and Coast Guard units responded to the scene after a witness reported a fire on the Casey Lynn at about 4:45 p.m.

“In the initial report, there were two passengers that were on board the boat,” county fire department spokesman Matt Levesque confirmed. “Upon their arrival, our team began an immediate search of the local area.”

Lt. junior grade Tyler Stutin of the Coast Guard said that the vessel’s documentation lists the registered owner as Michael Martinez of Woodland Hills, who had not been found as The Argonaut went to press.

“As of this moment, it is an open investigation,” said Stutin.

The Coast Guard conducted a search throughout early Wednesday morning, November 18th.

The Sheriffs Department’s arson squad is also investigating the cause of the explosion.