The debut of Found, an art exhibition featuring pieces created from recycled, reclaimed and reformatted materials is part of epOxybOx’s launch of epOxyGreen, a company devoted to “sustainable business practices and collaborative business models.”

The exhibit is to be hosted by epOxybOx gallery owner Deborah Guyer Greene from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Friday, February 2nd, at the art gallery, 602 Venice Blvd., corner of Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. Admission is free.

Sponsored by Angelino Magazine, Elixir G and Geyrhalter Design, the exhibit will feature the works of “green” artists, including Basil Tantaros, Dianna Cohen and Carolyn Mendoza.

Tantaros creates lamps from found and recycled objects. He says each work is conceptual and designed to be lit 24 hours a day, adding that his art is created to comment on everything from the industrial revolution to the sound of classical music to the feeling of rain in the city.

Cohen uses plastic bags as her primary medium. She says environmental scientists believe the plastic bag has one of the shortest intended life spans of manufactured goods and the material’s relationship to marketing and advertising culture is unavoidable and inherent in her work, while the graphic text on the bags often influences the theme of her pieces.

Mendoza, who works primarily with metal, says metal is often an artist’s medium of choice because it conveys coldness, a sense of being controlled or masculinity.

Mendoza says she enjoys the challenging process of manipulating metal to create an organic, natural form. She says her finished pieces express her belief in the interconnection between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Found will also showcase “green” refreshments provided by “eco-friendly” companies including Elixir F (drinks) organic wine from Moe’s Fine Wines of Brentwood and gourmet vegetarian cuisine prepared by Chef Juju Namjai.

The launch date for epOxyGreen is Saturday, March 3rd. The store’s current list of products, resources to help consumers find products and resources to help businesses maximize their eco-friendly potential includes electric-powered transportation, natural construction materials and furniture, and natural and organic home dÈcor and apparel, says owner Greene.

Reservations for Found, or (310) 862-4242.