A three-part exhibit at Jeanie Madsen Gallery

Captured & Constructed, a three-part exhibition of works by critically acclaimed New York photographer Victor Friedman is being featured through April 4th at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery in Santa Monica.

Presented by FaraciArt, the exhibit celebrating Friedman’s 40-plus year career opened March 7th at the gallery, 1431 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica. An artist reception is scheduled from 7 to 11 p.m. Saturday, March 13th, when Friedman will also be signing copies of his new book “Flag.”

The show marks Friedman’s first exhibition in Los Angeles and is curated by Christine Faraci of FaraciArt.

Presenting three collections, the exhibition features Friedman’s New York Street Scenes, which capture the tenacity found on the streets of Brooklyn, Greenwich Village and Long Island. Friedman documents American life in New York in 1960 through the 1980s.

The second collection, Landscapes & Seascapes, presents the vivid, nostalgic and sometimes haunting imagery of the Northeast coastline; a lone sailboat, a classic car preserved on a rural farm, and a tree in the mist, a gallery spokesperson notes.

In the third collection, Adulation of Cubism, Friedman combines the human form, still-life elements, sculpture, and photography to construct images in the style of Cubist masters.

Captured & Constructed will display sample works across all three collections on view through Wednesday, March 17th.

Space is limited for the reception, and public RSVPs are

required at rsvp@faraciart.com/.

New York Street Scenes will be presented as part of Time Travelers, a group show in combination with Los Angeles artists Michael Hayden and Casper Brindle. The collection is on view March 18th through 25th with an opening

reception from 8 to 10 p.m. Saturday, March 20th.

The exhibition will close with collections In Adulation of Cubism and Landscapes & Seascapes, on view March 26th through April 4th.

For more information, www.faraciart.com/.