Here’s a plot twist we didn’t see coming.

After the owners of Vidiots announced last week that they would end the Santa Monica video rental store’s 30-year run due to flagging revenue, donors have stepped in to save it.

Movie producer Megan Ellison — CEO of the company that produced “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Spring Breakers” — and longtime customer Dr. Leonard Lipman have provided an undisclosed influx of cash that Vidiots’ owners say is enough to keep the store open indefinitely.

Ellison, who turned 29 on Saturday, is the daughter of billionaire and former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. A 2013 Forbes article estimated her net worth at about $300 million.

Ellison also produced David O. Russell’s “American Hustle.” Russell has been a vocal supporter of Vidiots.

— Michael Aushenker