California Connections Academy Southern California is a network of tuition-free online public schools that serve more than 8,000 students across the state.

California Connections Academy Southern California helps students excel during pandemic

By Kamala Kirk

On September 7, students throughout California logged on for their first day at California Connections Academy Southern California, a network of six tuition-free online public schools serving students since 2004 in grades TK-12 in 32 counties.

Now in its 17th year of serving students across the state, the school has demonstrated history of expertise in the learning-from-home model.
“California Connections Academy has been an incredible experience for our family,” said Nichole Gould, mother of upcoming California Connections Academy junior Griffin Gould.

“My son has been enrolled in Connections Academy for five years and the independent study allows him to learn at his own pace, but also teaches him important life skills such as accountability and time management.”

California Connections Academy serves more than 8,000 students across the state. Many families adopted online learning amid the ongoing pandemic during the past two school years and California Connections Academy has seen interest in enrollment increase as more families opt to pursue a permanent virtual education path

Students have access to advanced courses and flexible scheduling that helps them take ownership of their own unique educational journey. California Connections Academy’s high school curriculum offers NCAA core courses, career-oriented electives, and University of California “A-G” courses to inspire students to be their best.

Beyond their rigorous curriculum, California Connections Academy offers numerous safe socialization opportunities for their students. This semester, students can take advantage of the school’s free online clubs and activities, where they can network with others interested in art, science, sports and more.

California Connections Academy is equipped with teachers who receive vigorous specialty training in teaching in a virtual environment to bring the curriculum t life in an engaging and well-rounded way.

The virtual school offers students a complete school experience through opportunities to develop social and emotional skills, in addition to critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration abilities to prepare them for current and future success as they progress through college, their career and life.

As an independent study school, California Connections Academy is supported by outstanding teachers who work tirelessly to support their students, build strong professional relationships, and prepare them with lifelong skills in the classroom and beyond.

“We look forward to welcoming students, both new and existing, back to their virtual classrooms this fall,” said Dr. Richard Savage, California Connections Academy executive director. “While the past two school years have been impacted by the ongoing pandemic, our program has continued to thrive without interruption, ensuring a consistent, quality virtual education for our students.”

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