Hollywood voice-over artist Debi Derryberry, known for her role as the voice of Jimmy Neutron in the Academy Award-nominated film and television series, will give a children’s concert performance at 11:45 a.m. Sunday, February 19th, at the Walgrove Elementary School playground, 1630 Walgrove Ave., Los Angeles. Admission is free.

Derryberry’s show is part of Walgrove Elementary School’s Kindergarten Outreach Event, which runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Derryberry recently released her debut CD titled, What A Way To Play! For the past six years, Derryberry played in a country/

pop band called Honey Pig, that released two albums.

Derryberry says that children feel right at home with her music because her voice-over abilities let her “sound just like one of them.”

“The songs in What A Way To Play explore many different genres: jazz, rock, boogie-woogie, country, lullabies, campfire and just plain fun,” says Derryberry. “While music is a wonderful tool for learning, my goal for this project was simply to allow children to have a great deal of fun.”

Her repertoire includes “The ABC Song,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” which teases in three different languages, and “What A Way to Play,” with lyrics touching on finishing your lunch and picking up your room.

“My Dog’s My Buddy” is a “heart-tugger” that deals with the special friendship between children and pets. Derryberry says she wrote the song when she was a child.

In addition to Jimmy Neutron, Derryberry has done voice-over roles on Disney Channel’s Playhouse Disney, Nickelodeon’s Oswald the Octopus, and the anime series Tenchi Muyo!

Derryberry says she’ll take the audience through a musical romp where they’ll be able to “move, groove, get down and get silly.”

“I’ve been doing children’s voices for so long, and of course I’ve been singing forever,” says Derryberry. “Back in Nashville, before I came to Hollywood, I would sing at pre-schools just for fun. And when I began to sing in my son’s pre-school, I loved it so much that I knew I had to go with it.”

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