Members of the Voice of the Canals residents’ organization in Venice have created the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and Waystation at a city lot on 29th Avenue, between Pacific Avenue and Strongs Drive in Venice. The city lot had been left vacant to allow pedestrian access to the beach.

At the urging of Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division Officer Robin Richards to help with the “overgrowth” condition at the lot, Voice of the Canals members worked to develop the new butterfly sanctuary.

The waystation, which is part of the national “Monarch Watch” at the University of Kansas, replaces monarch butterfly habitat destroyed by development and the use of herbicides, according to Voice of the Canals.

The project materials and water for irrigation of the waystation were donated to the organization.

The first phase of the project involved clearing of the overgrowth on the lot, which was then removed by the City of Los Angeles Street Services. The second phase involved the planting of various California and drought-tolerant plants, such as coast sunflowers, California poppies and California fuchsia, as well as a type of butterfly weed.

The work on the project was completed by volunteers. Voice of the Canals members invite the public to come by and see an example of what community residents can do for themselves on a budget of less than $1,500.