A volunteer security patrol officer for the upscale Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina del Rey is recovering after being stabbed twice by a man he confronted for trespassing on the property.

The stabbing occurred at around 11:30 a.m. on May 16 in the club’s parking lot area.

Earnie Barker, 64, was treated for knife wounds to his abdomen and arm and has since been released from the hospital, wife Rikki Barker said.

Earnie Barker and club Rear Commodore Josh Merel had approached a disheveled man and asked him to leave the property when the man physically attacked Merel, said Rikki Barker, formerly general manager of The Argonaut.

“Both asked the man to leave. When the man attacked Josh, Earnie went to help Josh and the man turned his full attention to Earnie,” Rikki Barker said.

During the scuffle, the man used a shiv or dagger to stab Barker twice before Barker managed to free himself from the tussle by delivering a kick to the chest. Despite his injures, Barker helped Merel pin the man to the ground until help arrived.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested the man, but information about his identity and the charges against him was not immediately available.

— Joe Piasecki