The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority is seeking community volunteers to help in the 2009 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, scheduled Tuesday through Thursday, January 27th through 29th.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires all communities that receive funding through the McKinney Homeless Assistance Program to complete a “point-in-time” Homeless Count every two years. Funding from the City and County of Los Angeles is used for the research project.

As the lead agency for the Los Angeles Continuum of Care, the Homeless Services Authority coordinates the region’s efforts to gather numerical and demographic information about homelessness in Los Angeles communities and submits the data to Housing and Urban Development as part of the application for McKinney Homeless Assistance Program funding.

The program provides over $70 million in critical shelter, services and housing money to

local nonprofit organizations that work with the homeless throughout the City and County of Los Angeles, according to the Homeless Services Authority.

Due to the size of the region, the 2009 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count is expected to be the largest homeless count in the nation. The Homeless Services Authority aims to recruit 3,000 volunteers for the count January 27th through 29th.

Information on the 2009 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count,