Walgrove Elementary School will host a dedication ceremony of the Orlantha Ambrose Center for the Performing Arts Friday, September 19th.

The dedication will begin in the kindergarten yard at 6 p.m. and then move to the auditorium.

The center is named after a former Walgrove kindergarten teacher named Orlantha Ambrose, who died along with her mother in the tsunami that struck Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia on December 26th, 2004.

Following the dedication of the center, there will be a viewing of a film entitled Blood and Water, by Dr. Anton Ambrose’s nephew, award-winning filmmaker Rohan Fernando. The film is in memory of Ambrose’s daughter Orlantha.

Orlantha Ambrose founded Strings by the Sea, which provided free violin lessons and a violin to any child who was willing to learn to play. She was a dedicated educator who believed in helping children achieve their dreams, according to a school spokesman.

In honor of his daughter, Anton Ambrose has turned his attention to making sure that the children of Walgrove have everything his daughter would have wanted for them.

His family has contributed through the years and has helped to build the kindergarten yard and provide the funds to completely update and remodel the school auditorium with state-of-the-art lights and sound, says the school spokesman.

Blood and Water is the story of one man’s search for meaning in the face of overwhelming loss, but it is also filled with improbable characters, unintentional comedy and situational ironies, all this is against the backdrop of Sri Lanka — a country coming apart as the decades-old civil war between Tamil Tigers and the government heats up, the school source says.

Ultimately, Blood and Water is a film about the coming to terms with loss. As Anton Ambrose seeks meaning in tragedy, he must re-evaluate all he has taken for granted. In so doing, he comes to understand his daughter better than he ever did when she was alive, the spokesman says.

This special event is open to the public and admission is on a donation basis. Reservations (310) 918-6761 or www.friends ofwalgrove.com/.