Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Westchester) has been unanimously appointed ranking member of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Financial Services Committee by the House Democratic Caucus.
Waters was reelected Nov. 6 to her 12th term representing the 35th Congressional District.
The House Financial Services Committee has jurisdiction over all issues pertaining to the economy, the banking system, housing, insurance, and securities and exchanges. The committee also has jurisdiction over monetary policy, international finance, international monetary organizations and efforts to combat terrorist financing.
“I understand that regulatory certainty is an important aspect of growing our economy, and remain committed to ensuring clear and transparent regulation which creates the space for innovation, safety and soundness,” Waters said.
“I am grateful for the opportunity over the next Congress to work on the key issues facing our financial system. Housing finance reform, in particular, will be crucial to ensuring the long-term success and stability of our economy. I believe we need a financial system that facilitates economic opportunity and wealth creation for all, and I stand ready to work with my colleagues towards that goal.
“We have a number of challenges ahead of us on the committee, and I welcome the chance to work with Chairman (Jeb) Hensarling to reconcile our visions for the future.”