The quiet streets of Kentwood are never more alive than on Halloween

Photos by Zuzsi Steiner

An oasis of suburbia in bustling Los Angeles, the sleepy residential streets of Westchester are sometimes called “Deadchester” by those with a wry sense of humor. But on Halloween, the idyllic Kentwood neighborhood springs to life as little ghouls with parent goblins trot up and down West 81st, 82nd and 83rd streets to fill their sacks with candy at the stoops of homes that are also dressed up for the occasion. Giant spiders hang from palm trees, skeletons climb hedges and front lawns become boneyards for faux pet cemeteries or festive hangs for the undead.

Mother of three Vickie Farmer and her husband, who’ve owned their Kentwood home on West 81st Street for 11 years, were pleasantly surprised to discover that their street “was hoppin’ on Halloween night” after they first closed escrow.

“Easily 2,000 kids,” she observes, show up to trick-or-treat on Halloween every year. “We hand out candy here and have a party in our yard.”

This year an inflatable T-Rex wielding a jack-o’-lantern joins the Farmer family’s mirthful menagerie of skeletons (including a triceratops and a pterodactyl) on the lawn. Each year, they add something new.

— Christina Campodonico

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