Seyhart is a new wellness destination in Santa Monica that offers acupuncture, cupping and other services to revitalize the foundation of the body’s health.

Seyhart brings Eastern-inspired healing methods to the Westside

By Katie Lulla

Upon stepping foot into Seyhart, you will instantly feel uplifted and excited as you embark on a journey towards better health. Every visitor is greeted by a refreshing and brightly lit lobby styled with natural wood. The Santa Monica-based wellness sanctuary aims to provide people with a way to heal and enhance their overall well-being with Eastern healing techniques.

“[At Seyhart] you will experience restoration, balance and renewal through the ancient healing methods of acupuncture, cupping, gua sha and tuina,” said Taryn Violé, director of operations at Seyhart. “Our goal is to improve the health and wellness of everyone – mind, body and spirit. Our specialists will guide you to feel your best by healing your body from the inside out.”

Over the years, Seyhart’s founding physicians saw many patients facing illnesses that didn’t necessarily have cures, as well as physical injuries that needed more than surgery or physical therapy. They then branched out towards alternative procedures that would work together with traditional medicine to alleviate the patients’ conditions.

“[Doctors] tend to see people, treat things, then have them come back in six months, but there’s all that time in between that people can be doing something themselves that can enhance their health and not all of it depends on Western medicine,” Violé said. “I think Seyhart is a way that we can encourage people to start helping themselves and appreciate a very whole-body approach to achieving better wellness.”

“All of our techniques harness the energy of the body, in order to sort of enhance a person’s wellness to improve blood flow,” Violé added. “We have a menu of offerings where we help people with anxiety, people who are feeling fatigued, people who just want more energy, and people who are recovering from physical exertions such as athletes who need their bodies to recover.”

Seyhart primarily offers acupuncture and tuina, which is an ancient healing technique in the form of intense massage that works along the same meridians that acupuncture uses. Many people who are wary of needles prefer this option and experience similar benefits.

They also offer traditional glass cupping, which works to push toxins out of the body and improve circulation. The most common cupping placement is on the back, but they also treat other areas of the body that focus on certain muscles and meridians as well. Gua sha is a more intense procedure with similar benefits that involves scraping and rubbing of the skin to relax the muscles and energize the person.

“The idea behind Seyhart and helping people overall has been with us for several years, long before Seyhart was even born,” Violé said. “It was the natural answer to have a place that’s comfortable and inviting to come to, to encourage people to seek out other ways of improving their health and wellness.”

Seyhart also offers acupuncture and tuina memberships that include either four 50-minute acupuncture sessions or four 25-minute tuina sessions a month. Memberships cost $450 a month (valued at $480) and include 10% off of retail items.