General Manager

I’m paraphrasing the headline from Argonaut founder and former publisher Dave Johnson’s fifth year anniversary editorial. In researching our advertisers and events taking place in early editions of The Argonaut for this anniversary, I was transported back to those years and reminded of all the changes this area has undergone.

We’ve grown into quite a vibrant community made up of boaters, tenants, homeowners, and many small and large businesses. There are all sorts of organizations and clubs in this community such as neighborhood councils, chambers of commerce, Rotary, Lions Club and more.

The Marina area chamber of commerce has grown from a small local group into one of the more influential chambers in the area, made up of tireless community members striving to make this a better place to live and work.

We try to keep our readers informed with local news of interest that affect our lives, be it the airports – both Los Angeles International and Santa Monica – charter schools, expansion of light rail on the Westside, human interest stories that show the caring side of our community, or the work done to revive the Ballona Wetlands and upgrade Sepulveda Boulevard.

We owe a debt of thanks to our staff members who have worked through these difficult years to keep the paper at its best and taken on the extra efforts needed at times.

The task of compiling, researching and editing our anniversary book, “Snoopin’ Around,” was taken on by writer Helga Gendell and production employee Kate Doll on their own. More thanks go to Greg Wenger, whose wonderful photos have graced our pages for nearly 40 years, our contributing writers Betsy Goldman, Geoff Maleman and Pat Reynolds, our news staff, advertising salespersons, production group and accounting staff.

Finally, Dave’s comments say it all: “All of this has been made possible by our advertisers. Their contributions as our partners in publishing allow us to bring you The Argonaut each week. We are proud that so many local businessmen devote their advertising budget to this newspaper.

“And, on this anniversary, we want to thank our readers who weekly supply us with interesting and informative letters to the editor, news tips and even a needed scolding once in awhile. It has all contributed to five years of fun.”

Today, we continue to work to be your best source of local news and look forward to the next 40 years of fun. Thank you and we hope you enjoy our look back.