The public is invited to attend the first meeting of the Westchester Democrats Steering Committee in the community room of the new Westchester Fire Station No. 5 on Wednesday, May 16th.

Guest speakers at the event, Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl and Valeria Velasco, vice-president of the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners, will join the 11-member committee in telling the public where its tax dollars are being utilized to alleviate gridlock on the Westside.

In addition, the expansion of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be discussed.

In March, the Westchester Democrats held a meeting to announce the group’s formation to the surrounding communities.

‘Westchester Democrats are dedicated to having a real impact on local, state and federal issues, increasing Democratic voter turnout and electing Democratic candidates,’ said Sheila Mickelson, a longtime Westchester community leader.

‘[We] believe that this community has the ability to take a leadership role through its advocacy on issues and better communication with our elected officials,’ she continued.

‘We want to provide a vehicle for Westchester Democrats to organize and begin preparing for the critical 2008 election and to become a part of changing our country’s future.’

The steering committee members are: Joan Coleman, Danna Cope, John Duncan, Ken Feinswog, Maxine Fuentes, Dennis HÈrnandez, Sue and Joel Matus, Sheila Mickelson, Beverly Sanford and Kent Strumpell.

Fire Station No. 5 is at 8900 S. Emerson Ave. in Westchester.

For more information about the meeting or the Westchester Democrats, Beverly Sanford at (310) 645-6034.