Westchester High School will hold elections for positions on its newly elected governing board beginning Friday, February 19th.

The board, which was elected last month, will consist of 17 governing members. It will include five representatives from the school’s small learning communities, four parents whose children are enrolled at the high school, two community members, one junior and one senior, one representative from United Teachers Los Angeles, one principal and one classified employee.

A non-voting representative from Loyola Marymount University or the iDesign Division will also be chosen.

Selecting a local governing structure is a continuation of an educational reform effort in Westchester, where five of its seven schools have begun the transition away from the Los Angeles Unified School District. The schools are seeking to determine their own path to academic excellence through autonomy from the district. LMU assisted them with teacher training, fundraising and professional development, among other things.

The new board members will begin their duties on the high school’s governing council in September. They will undergo training in local control from LMU over the summer.

The governing model was chosen through an election in January. Two other proposals, one that was sponsored by UTLA and another that was backed by businesses, lost in a weighted vote.