The Westchester High Tennis Booster Club has announced that it was one of the top 250 earning groups nationwide in the recent Vons 10% Back to Schools Program.

Vons has contributed an additional $1,000, for a grand total of more than $10,500 in earnings for the booster club as one of the top 250 groups.

Through the six-week Back to Schools program, the Safeway family of stores, which includes Vons, contributed over $3 million to support the education of youths across the nation.

Kandy Chain, Westchester High boys and girls tennis teams coach, said the funds will be used to purchase team equipment, court supplies, practice uniforms, exposure to professional tournaments, transportation, tennis clinic time, banquets and awards.

Certificates of Appreciation from the Westchester tennis teams were presented for outstanding support in the 10% Back to Schools Program.

“Vons has demonstrated their ongoing commitment to education, our school and community,” said Gayle Kikuta, Westchester High tennis eScrip coordinator. “Because of VONS/Safeway participation in the eScrip program, our dedicated supporters who have already signed up and our teams’ commitment to seek new supporters, we have the most successful program in the entire area. In addition, many of our families now shop only at Vons/Safeway because of this wonderful program.”

The Vons/Safeway 10% Back to Schools program allowed schools to earn ten percent of items purchased by school supporters from participating manufacturers this past summer. Top Vons/Safeway manufacturers contributing to the Westchester High Tennis Booster Club through the program included Kraft Foods, Pepsi, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Sara Lee and Unilever.

The eScrip program delivers marketing programs that bring retailers, manufacturers and service providers forward in support of education of youths. To date, the eScrip program has generated more than $180 million in merchant contributions to schools and organizations from across the country.

Information on how to sign up to support Westchester High Tennis Booster Club, contact Gayle at (310) 216-9230, or gkikuta@ca.rr .com/.