Smile, Westchester Park visitors — you’ll soon be on camera.

As part of a $450,000 package of park upgrades that includes walkway improvements, tennis court repairs and brighter outdoor LED lighting, city officials plan to install 31 surveillance cameras to be monitored by Recreation and Parks workers.

“Having cameras in the park will send a clear signal to anyone who would consider criminal activity that they will be very easily caught if they try to break the law,” L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin said. “This is a simple way to make people who use the park feel safer.”

Bonin will be at the park on Friday to help install the first of the cameras.

Foundations for 60 new lighting fixtures and additional cameras are expected to go up by mid-October.

Scott Carni, president of the local Park Advisory Board, said the group has been pushing for security cameras for the past several years as attendance numbers have skyrocketed for events at the park and the adjacent Westchester Recreation Center, both near the intersection of Lincoln Boulevard and Manchester Avenue.

“They’re not going in to make the park safe — they’re going in to keep the park safe,” Carni said of the cameras. “It’s a good community relations opportunity to let the public know that we’re committed to people enjoying their time in Westchester Park.”

— Gary Walker