A man known in the area as the “Westchester Rapist” was convicted last week by a jury for various sexual assaults.

Jerome Green, 40, has been convicted of six counts of rape and three counts of forced oral copulation for the attacks on four women in 2003.

Green is believed to have entered the victims’ homes in the middle of the night, crawled into their beds, covered the victims’ eyes and threatened to kill them.

Police were led to Green when a witness reported a peeping Tom in the area of the rapes. The woman told police that she saw the man flee in a blue Saab.

Green was seen about a month later driving a blue Saab. He was detained by police and a DNA sample was collected. Green was released.

When the DNA tests revealed that Green’s DNA matched the DNA found at the crime scenes of the rapes, Green was arrested.

Green will be sentenced Thursday, March 3rd.

He faces a sentence of 100 years to life for the crimes.