Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl plans an open house to introduce his 20 new District 11 staff members from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, July 28th, in Rosendahl’s Westchester field office, 7166 Manchester Ave., Westchester.

“I am happy that my staff is as diverse, creative and as energetic as my constituents,” Rosendahl said.

“They will set a new standard for constituent service and for moving our neighborhoods in a positive direction.”

Rosendahl said his staff includes “City Hall veterans, community activists, business people, retired city employees, and a former LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) officer.”

The staff ranges in age from 25 to 77.

Rosendahl also announced an office ethics policy stricter than city guidelines.

His policy forbids the receipt of gifts and meals from lobbyists, city contractors, and constituents.

City policy permits limited meals and certain gifts, as long as elected officials and their employees make proper declarations with the City Ethics Commission.

“I have an amazing staff of talented, energetic and brilliant people,” Rosendahl said. “I want them to be above reproach and this policy will insure that there is not an event or an appearance of impropriety.”

Rosendahl’s staff members include:

Chief of Staff, Mike Bonin:

A Venice resident, Bonin managed Rosendahl’s successful City Council campaign.

He has served as deputy chief of staff and district director to Congresswoman Jane Harman, and was on the staff for seven years of former Los Angeles Councilwoman Ruth Galanter.

Executive Assistant, Margaret Hasheminejad:

Hasheminejad has worked with Rosendahl since 1995.

When Rosendahl was employed in the cable industry, Hasheminejad produced the bulk of Rosendahl’s programming.

She also served as his chief executive assistant when he held managerial roles in the cable business.

District Director and Senior Counsel, Norman Kulla:

A Pacific Palisades resident, Kulla is chair emeritus of the Pacific Palisades Community Council.

He has also served as a criminal attorney, a tax attorney, and an investment advisor.

Legislative and Communications Deputy, Safiya Jones:

A Westchester resident, Jones served as field deputy and senior advisor to former 11th District candidate Angela Reddock.

She has a background in marketing and community-based non-profit agencies.

Planning Deputy, Grieg Asher:

A former Mar Vista resident, Asher served several years as planning deputy to Los Angeles Councilwoman Janice Hahn.

Rosendahl called Asher “a creative planner skilled at protecting neighborhood interests” who shares Rosendahl’s “commitment to protecting the environment and promoting mass transit.”

Legislative Deputy, Phil Tate:

A Brentwood resident who heads a homeowners association, Tate is an attorney who practiced in several fields, including estate planning, land use, family law and general business transactions.

He has also founded several small businesses.

Legislative Deputy, Stephanie Zarro:

Zarro is a former aide to State Senate president pro tem Don Perata and Harman.

She also worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she conducted investigations of large-scale accounting fraud in publicly traded companies.

Deputy Chief of Staff, Aaron Gross:

Gross held various positions with former Councilwoman Ruth Galanter, former Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski and City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo.

Office Manager, City Hall, Nikki Kelley:

A Los Angeles resident, Kelley has held positions with Miscikowski and former Councilman Nate Holden.

Environmental Deputy, John Crosse:

A Playa del Rey resident, Crosse retired from the City of Los Angeles as City Bureau of Sanitation executive assistant director, in which position he oversaw the operation and maintenance of the City Wastewater Treatment Plants and the Wastewater and Stormwater Collection Systems.

He was Hyperion Treatment Plant manager during the $1.6 billion expansion to full-secondary treatment from 1990 to 1998.

Field Deputy, Brentwood and Pacific Palisades, Andrea Epstein:

A Brentwood resident, Epstein held positions with several elected officials, including Congressman Xavier Becerra, former Councilman Nick Pacheco, and Miscikowski.

Field Deputy, West Los Angeles, Mar Vista, Palms, Len Nguyen:

A Palms resident, Nguyen was an organizer of the Palms Neighborhood Council and served as council president from 2002-2005.

He spent seven years as a private equity associate and senior consulting analyst with Wilshire Associates, a Santa Monica-based investment firm.

Field Deputy, Westchester, Playa del Rey, Del Rey, Kathryn Frengs:

A Del Rey resident, Frengs served as an intern in the Office of Presidential Personnel in the Clinton White House.

After graduating from the University of California at San Diego, Frengs held various positions with Harman and was Harman’s field representative for the communities she now represents for Rosendahl.

Field Deputy, Venice and the City of Los Angeles incorporated portions of the Marina del Rey area, Brodie Seagrave:

A Venice resident, Seagrave was a patrol officer for the Los Angeles Police Department from 1996-2001.

As a member of the police force in South Lake Tahoe, he has served as a hostage negotiator and union official.

Rosendahl said “Seagrave is passionate about helping the homeless” and recently received a master’s degree in conflict resolution.

Arts, Education and Culture Deputy, Laurie Sale:

Sale is a Pacific Palisades resident. Rosendahl said Sale “is a recognized leader and innovator in creating community and out-reach resources for parents, kids and teachers.”

She has more than 25 years of experience in children’s advocacy, education and media.

Constituent Advocate, Jim Horwitz:

A West Los Angeles resident and the dean of the Rosendahl staff at age 77, Horwitz is a Korean War veteran, a UCLA graduate, a community, political activist, a small businessman and a salesman.

Rosendahl said Horwitz has “a passion for helping people.”

Horwitz has served as an associate of FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) and is a former member of the KPFK advisory board.

Office Manager, West Los Angeles, Mary Misono:

A West Los Angeles resident, Misono has worked for the 11th District since 1959, serving former Councilmembers Karl Rundberg, Marvin Braude and Miscikowski.

Special Projects Deputy, Mark Antonio Grant:

A Mar Vista resident, Grant recently worked as community liaison for the Rita Walters Learning Complex in South Los Angeles.

He has held positions with a state senator, produced television for the Los Angeles Unified School District and served as a special projects coordinator for former school superintendent, Dr. Ruben Zacarias.

Office Manager, Westchester, Laurel Gallant:

Gallant has held administrative positions with Councilwoman Janice Hahn and former Councilmembers Rudy Svorinich and Ruth Galanter.

She held a position with Galanter in the Galanter Westchester field office.

Constituent Advocate, Reza Akef:

A Pacific Palisades resident, Akef is a recent graduate of UC Santa Barbara, where Akef served as a student advocate in the Vice Chancellor’s Office of Student Affairs.

He was also a senior criminal legal intern in the Santa Barbara district attorney’s office, where he worked on gang violence cases.