The Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa del Rey has more than $79,000 in funds available to spend and by July it will have more than $120,000, if no funds are spent between now and July, treasurer Steve Donnell announced at the monthly Neighborhood Council board meeting, Tuesday, March 1st.

“We have a lot of money that we are not spending,” said Donnell. “We need to think about how to spend money on projects.”

Before the end of the meeting, the board voted to allocate $5,000 to repair the “Welcome to Westchester” sign at Manchester Avenue and Loyola Boulevard.

PUBLIC COMMENT —Westchester resident Jeff Paz of Talbert Street voiced concerns about noise disturbances on and near Talbert Street in Playa del Rey.

“We have a serious problem with LMU kids,” said Paz.

Paz said that LMU students who rent houses near his home throw large house parties and “have a total disregard for law enforcement and neighborhood peace.”

Paz said that he has made numerous attempts to get the Los Angeles Police Department to respond to the alleged neighborhood disturbances, but has been unsuccessful.

Paz said that he does not expect the situation to improve, as more builders are buying homes in Westchester, remodeling them and renting them to LMU students at high monthly rates.

Neighborhood Council board members suggested organizing a group of affected neighbors to pursue civil action against the landlords of the rented houses.

NEW BOARD MEMBER — Council president Gwen Vuchsas appointed Westchester resident Paul Maynard director for Council Residential Seat Number 2, which represents the area bounded by Manchester Avenue to the north, Pershing Drive to the west, Westchester Parkway to the south, and Falmouth Avenue to the east.

The seat had been occupied by Jina Jani, who recently resigned from the council.

PROBLEMS WITH DONE — Two board members, president Gwen Vuchsas and elections committee chair Cozette Vergari, voiced frustration in dealing with the Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) regarding Neighborhood Council issues.

The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment oversees City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils. Vuchsas’s concern was with department’s process of approving Neighborhood Council bylaws.

“DONE has no rules in place,” Vuchsas alleged. “DONE does not have enough manpower.”

She said that the council’s bylaws have been approved by the department, due to the assistance of Parker Anderson, the department’s director of field operations.

“Parker Anderson has become my new best friend,” said Vuchsas.

Vuchsas said that she has been in contact with Greg Nelson, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment general manager, and has expressed her frustrations with Nelson’s department.

She said that Nelson will issue a letter apologizing for department “incompetence.”

“They owe us an apology,” said Vuchsas.

Concerning the April 4th Neighborhood Council election and attempting to get the council election procedures approved by the DONE, Vergari said that she has encountered several problems in dealing with the department.

“It is absolutely amazing how the City of Los Angeles gets anything done,” she said.

Vergari said that after several months of trying to get the election procedures approved by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, the procedures have now been approved.

The council board of directors voted to approve the group’s election procedures.

The Neighborhood Council board of directors election Monday, April 4th, will be at the Westchester Woman’s Club, 8020 Alverstone Ave., Westchester.