Westminster Avenue Elementary School in Venice has secured a grant of approximately $7,500 from the Los Angeles Department of Public Works for sustainable environmental uses, the Westminster Endowment Group announced February 4th.

The beautification grant will fund the removal of asphalt from Westminster Avenue up to Main Street, as well as the grading of the area for an ecological water-run off area, according to the endowment group. This will allow rainwater to return to the local water-table rather than down the sewer, the group noted.

Students at Westminster Avenue Elementary will plant an “urban forest” of California native trees/shrubs, a meadow with seating for classes and a dry arroyo bed (for the water run-off area) at the site.

“It is going to present a wonderful face of Westminster Elementary to all those who pass our schoolyard on Main Street,” said Coby Dalhstrom, president of the endowment group. “Also, we will berm the area with a three-foot berm that will reduce noise in the garden area and will give the area a very private feel.”

The school received a similar grant from the Public Works office of community beautification last year.