STAR Education will be opening a new after-school enrichment program on the Westport Heights Elementary School campus in Westchester, beginning Thursday, September 9th. STAR stands for “Science, Theatre, Arts & Recreation.”

Enrichment classes will include creative writing, painting, forensic science, wildlife, music, art and athletics as well as standard academics.

The STAR program has been named a “Model Education Program” by the White House and U.S. Department of Education.

The STAR program is also offered at various other elementary schools such as Cowan Avenue, Kentwood and Loyola Village Elementary Schools in Westchester and Broadway Elementary School in Venice.

“These students would never have the opportunity to study life science by having live animals in class and to get so involved. STAR expands their horizons,” said Ed Romotsky, Broadway Elementary School principal.

Information, (310) 842-8040, ext. 23.