Westside Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members will practice life-saving first aid and triage skills under the supervision of a Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) captain at a free community meeting Tuesday, March 24th.

The event is sponsored by Westside CERT and is scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Los Angeles Fire Station 5 training room, 8900 S. Emerson Ave., Westchester.

The exercise is part of a series of public meetings sponsored by volunteers with LAFD and is designed to acquaint residents with emergency preparedness issues.

LAFD Captain Daniel Rodriguez plans to give a discussion/drill on first-aid skills and triage at the meeting. First aid skills teach responders to manage injuries so that they do not become more serious, while triage is the method used to categorize injuries by severity and to ensure the most severely hurt are treated first.

Rodriguez oversees emergency medical response and supervises paramedics and other firefighters who give medical aid.

CERT is one of several volunteer organizations that assist LAFD and the groupís members are trained in emergency first-aid and other emergency skills including fighting small fires, light search and rescue and triage.

Information, Jim Stebinger at (310) 445-9062, or batt4cert@hotmail.com/.