Local residents are once again encouraged to contribute items for a donation drive benefiting the Westside winter shelter program.
Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl has launched the annual Winter Shelter Donation Drive, which will be held until Dec. 22.
Rosendahl’s three council district offices will accept donations of travel size toiletries, clothing and other necessities for the homeless as part of the drive, and the items will be distributed to those taking part in the Westside winter shelter program.
The councilman noted that the donation drive this year follows a successful drive in 2011.
“I was blown away last year by the generosity in the community,” said Rosendahl.
“I was amazed at the quantity of the donations and impressed by the giving spirit that came from all parts of our district. I’m optimistic that we can repeat what happened in 2011 and provide some extra comfort to those who might do without during this holiday season.”
Among the items needed are:

Toiletries: razors; soap (bar and shower gel); hand sanitizer; toothpaste; feminine hygiene products; foot spray; deodorant; combs; hairbrushes; nail clippers; shower shoes; bath towels.
Clothing: men’s underwear; women’s underwear; socks; T-shirts; coats; jackets; hats; scarves; gloves; men’s pants; women’s pants; shoes; adult diapers.
Personal items: backpacks; reading glasses.
Items for shelter: coffee; creamer; sugar; books; magazines; board games. In addition, cleaning items like brooms, mops, scrub pads, bleach, disinfectant and trash bags are also needed.

Items can be dropped off at any of Rosendahl’s three council offices from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Dec. 22.
7166 W Manchester Ave.
(310) 568-8772
West Los Angeles
1645 Corinth Ave. #201
(310) 575-8461
Los Angeles City Hall
Room 415, 200 N. Spring St.
(213) 473-7011