It takes a real vision to create an exhibit around a theme. But it takes guts, with a dash of insanity, to set out to create 111 shows under the umbrella of one theme. Emma Ferreira, a local artist, possesses just the right amount of genius and daring to pull it off.

When Life Dances II: Classic Beauty, is the second installment in Ferreira’s 111-show project, centered around the theme of “When Life Dances,” on display through Wednesday, January 9th, 2008, at SPIN Classic Car Galler Gallery, 1410 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice. Information, (888) 852-7746.

“Life is dancing around us all the time, and it’s really up to us to dance with it, see it, be a part of it,” Ferreira says. “Each show is high-energy, because I want people to feel good when they look at my art.”

The first exhibit, Instinct, was based around the idea that it is instinctual to be part of life as it dances around us. Classic Beauty takes the outlook that there is beauty in everything, and uses recycled materials, broken records, old magazines, newspapers, putting them in a new form to create a new kind of art from the old, Ferreira says.

“I’m already thinking about part three, The Dance, because I’ve been working on some of these pieces for so long that I’m ready for them to be shown, finally,” she says.

“I feel like there’s so many different things I could do to inspire and show people that it really is up to us to live life and love others and try and be the best,” Ferreira says. “Part of the ‘When Life Dances’ series is that it might not always be my work, but it is attached to a foundation, because it’s about giving back, using talent to give back. For this show we are working with Operation Smile, and there will be an auction piece to raise money for the organization.”

Ferreira’s background heavily influenced her current project, starting from her youth. Born in Buckhamshire, England, she left at a young age and began traveling around the world, from Europe to Canada, New York, Miami, Hawaii, and now Los Angeles.

“Traveling around and learning different things is the best form of education, seeing the world gives you a cause to come back and live your life in a different way from what you’re used to,” Ferreira says. “I dropped out of art school to travel, and while I wouldn’t recommend that, it definitely shaped who I am. I went to college in business and photography because I figured I knew how to create, but with business I could use that to go further.”

Ferreira’s influences also share her ideas.

“I’m obsessed with Mark Rothko, he’s an abstract expressionist, and also Peter Beard, an amazing photographer who went to Africa, he’s a big inspiration,” Ferreira says. “I’m attracted to people’s personalities and how they moved through the world.”