French artist Godeleine de Rosamel’s inventive ceramic sculptures are currently on display at ROSEGALLERY at Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica. Photo credit: Copyright Godeleine de Rosamel, Courtesy of ROSEGALLERY

ROSEGALLERY showcases Godeleine de Rosamel’s inventive ceramic creations

By Nicole Borgenicht

Little objects come to life in the world of French artist Godeleine de Rosamel. De Rosamel begins with ebauche, which means “a sketch” in French. In addition to sketching, de Rosamel often experiments with her ceramic pieces combining wood, rock and metal in unlikely places as first steps.

The finished figures may have a log running sideways out of a creature or odd shaped rocks piled up on its head. A mini tree with semi-circle shapes for leaves is complementary with the animal beside it that appears to grow similar ridges popping out like hair or armor.

De Rosamel utilizes symmetry in shapes and ideas, but never stops at too silly an idea. She said planning is not always the answer.
“Fun just comes out by consequence,” De Rosamel said. “I’m very happy people respond.”

And respond they do – ROSEGALLERY at Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica works with de Rosamel to keep her art in stock.

“Each collection of sculptures does have a limited time frame in the gallery,” said Sophi Winnikoff, associate director of ROSEGALLERY. “Godeleine has some dedicated collectors, all of which are excited to see her newest work. Her work is also widely known. While it’s impossible to pinpoint the schedule, the sales of her work are often a mix of returning clients and new individuals who happen upon her installation at the gallery like you did. It’s difficult to walk in the gallery, see her work and not want to take one of these small ceramic friends, home with you.”

A few intriguing elements characterize the inventive world of de Rosamel. For instance, the creatures are neither male nor female. Maintaining her freedom, the artist does not feel the creatures or their vegetation needs to be bound by human characteristics or the world in which we live. The creative forms live in what de Rosamel described as a “magical habitat.”

“Her sculptures hold a great amount of expression, something that doesn’t come around every day,” Winnikoff said. “Each scene has a particular feeling and emotion. While all the creatures seem to live in the same world, they have their own lives. This allows clients to have specific connections with the individual sets. While theoretically they may appear similar, truly each is individual.”

The clay pieces and glazes are fired in kilns and de Rosamel is experimenting with glazes. Her glazes are either slick or multi-toned, not all with an even overlay but each one maintains a natural feeling. The life forms are balanced whether leaning or straight up with the demeanor of assuredness. Her fantasy creatures have a sense of outright confidence and existence.

At present, de Rosamel is building pieces as large as 20 inches tall. The larger pieces will be presented at ROSEGALLERY sometime in mid-2022.

Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave., B-7, Santa Monica,