The Wildwood Secondary School graduated its first group of students Thursday, June 10th.

Wildwood School is a kindergarten through 12th grade coeducational, independent college preparatory day school located at 12201 Washington Place, in the Mar Vista area.

The school’s founding director, George Wood, was commencement speaker at a ceremony that graduated 20 seniors.

“We wanted our graduates to be active learners who are committed to making a difference in their community and who will be successful in college,” Wood said.

“Even more importantly, we wanted them to be the type of young person any of us would be happy to have as a neighbor,” Wood said.

Members of the senior class also made speeches.

Wildwood’s class of 2004 has been accepted to 46 colleges and universities, including Bard College, George Washington University, Spelman College and the University of California system.

The graduates are: Jani Beck, Ben Braverman, Zachary Cohen, Laura Crabtree, Kristen Dorsey, Jamieanne Estes, Adrian Ferenc, Corey Fredman Fetzer, Danielle Jones, Joseph Kanengiser, Matthew Kinzelberg, Matthew Levy, Victor Peraza, Tracy Platt, Jacquelyn Revere, Anna Silver, Nicholas Simmons, Savannah Stranger, Travis Taft and William Todman.

“I am so proud of our graduating class,” said Hope Boyd, head of the Wildwood School.

Boyd said the graduates received more than $640,000 in merit scholarships for college.

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