Wildwood School’s entire third-grade class recently unveiled a mural, “Moving Through LA,” that it made for the St. Joseph Center’s Monetary Advisory Program in Santa Monica.

The Monetary Advisory Program helps individuals suffering from mental illness maintain housing and manage their money.

Guided by art teachers Cara Franke and Kusum Nairi, the students created the three-panel mural over the course of the school year, with each student contributing two painted elements.

The mural was made to show “how we are all part of the same community,” said one student.

The Monetary Advisory Program staff applauded the gift and director Nick Maiorino thanked the Wildwood students for bringing color to the program.

Along with the mural, each student donated a handmade coloring book to St. Joseph Center’s Early Learning Center childcare facility.

Science teachers Kristin Peterson and Johnnie Bairos said the coloring books are meant to help children learn about healthy eating and were made during a five-week course on digestion and nutrition.

St. Joseph Center is a Venice-based social service agency with ten programs that help 7,000 working poor and homeless individuals attain health and self-sufficiency.

Information, www.stjoseph ctr.org