landings over PdR

Jet airplanes will begin an indefinite program of night-long landings over Playa del Rey into Los Angeles International Airport at midnight, September 21st.

The new ocean landings will be conducted simultaneously with take-offs during the night hours, midnight to 7 a.m. As many as 40 nightly landings are expected.

Last week the Federal Aviation Administration unveiled the new landing patterns, saying the landings over Playa del Rey will continue as long as they prove safe.

The Playa del Rey landing proposals brought an immediate sharp reply from City Councilman Mrs. Pat Russell, who called “the timing of this change incredibly bad.”

Mrs. Russell was strong in her criticism of the FAA, saying “no attempt has been made to even estimate the potential noise impact of this significant change.”

Playa del Rey and Westchester homeowners were even stronger in their criticism of the nocturnal landings.