Former Los Angeles County Supervisor Yvonne Burke no longer lays claim to being the only member of her household who has a portion of Marina del Rey named in her honor.

California Coastal Commissioner William Burke, the ex-supervisor’s husband, recently received a glance at what the county had in store for him regarding its decision to honor his service to the Marina.

A sign proclaiming “William Burke Promenade” was unveiled at a private ceremony near Marquesas Way June 28 near the waterside promenade. Against the backdrop of the man-made marina, Burke’s family, friends and contemporaries joined him to celebrate the Board of Supervisors’ action to name the promenade after the former commissioner.

Fourth District Supervisor Don Knabe, who represents Marina del Rey, was the author of the motion.

“All boaters owe a great deal to Bill Burke,” said developer Jerry Epstein.

Several of the guests, including Knabe, Epstein and state Sen. Rod Wright (D- Westchester) bantered with Burke and recalled fond memories of working with him over three decades. Wright recalled seeing Burke’s photo on a popular South Los Angeles restaurant as a young boy and becoming inspired to enter public service.

Burke, who once lived with his wife in Marina del Rey and docked his boat there for many years, thanked his friends and family for their support over the years.

“You empowered me to help other people,” he told the audience. “Without you, I would have just been another guy.”

Burke is the founder and former president of the Los Angeles Marathon and also served on the California Fish and Game Commission.

In 2009, the supervisors voted to rename the Admiralty Way park in front of the Lloyd Taber Library Yvonne B. Burke Park in honor of the former supervisor, who at one time represented a portion of Marina del Rey.