The William H. Hannon Foundation has given $12,500 to the Airport Marina Counseling Service to support the clinic’s Immediate Intervention Program. The clinic is at 7891 La Tijera Blvd., Westchester.

The counseling service is a nonprofit mental health clinic that provides professional mental health services to more than 600 patients each week.

The Immediate Intervention Program trains the clinic staff to help patients deal with the effects of stress.

Staff members are taught techniques to help patients develop problem-solving skills and cope with stress-related anxiety, guilt, shame, grief and anger.

The foundation also gave a $12,500 grant last year to the Immediate Intervention Program.

Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead, foundation president, recently toured the clinic and accepted an invitation to join the clinic board of governors.

The clinic does not accept any government funding and relies on donations to help support its 75-member staff.

The average patient pays less than 25 percent of the actual cost of treatment.

The late William H. Hannon, a developer of residential communities and commercial shopping centers, established the foundation in 1983 to provide financial support to various organizations such as schools, hospitals, social service groups and Catholic churches.

Clinic information, (310) 670-1410.

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