Residents from several Westside communities attended the Wise Water Use Expo at the Mar Vista Recreation Center on July 21st and its organizers say that it was a rousing success.

“I couldn’t be more pleased,” said Joseph Treves, who chaired the expo. “Everyone that we spoke to told us that not only did they have a good time, but they were also able to get useful information.”

Actress Jessica Tuck was one of the attendees who said she learned a great deal about new water-saving features that were offered at the expo.

“I think that it’s really important that people are realizing that we do have a problem,” said Tuck, who has been involved with various environmental causes for many years. “There are so many things that you can do that don’t change your life that much but can save an enormous amount of water.”

Organizers say that approximately 250 people attended the event, which showcased a variety of water-saving products, guest presenters on water conservation and many tables where those who attended could find solutions to their household water needs.

Martin Rubin, a West Los Angeles resident, won a Caroma high-efficiency toilet at the water showcase.

“I think it was outstanding,” Rubin, who is a member of the environmental committee of the City Council’s 11th District Empowerment Congress, said of the expo. “It was one of the better events that I’ve been to in a long time.”

Sherri Akers, a Mar Vista green consultant who helped organize the expo with Treves, said she feels that the event was a big success, judging by the postings and e-mails that she has received subsequent to the expo.

“I believe that (the renewed awareness of water conservation) will definitely have a continued life beyond the event,” she said.

Treves hopes that those who attended the showcase begin to live a water-conserving lifestyle.

“My hope is that now people go home and make changes to forestall the water crisis,” he said.

Tuck feels that not enough residents have taken the water shortage seriously.

“It’s hard for people to change their habits,” the actress noted. “Awareness and changing your habits are two completely different things.

“When water becomes a commodity and becomes very expensive, that’s when a lot of people will start making changes.”

Nevertheless, Tuck said she was glad that she came and she found the water conservation showcase exciting and interesting.

“Expos like this are great because they provide people with the information that can make their lives more sustainable,” Tuck said. “When you have a place where you can go and walk from table to table and learn how you can save water and money, that can really make a big difference.”