The Women on the Water and the Women at the Helm will be returning to the Marina for the WOW/WAH Regatta Saturday and Sunday, July 9th and 10th.

Four Marina del Rey yacht clubs will co-sponsor this annual event designed for women sailors, all-women crews and women at the helm.

Marina Venice Yacht Club, Pacific Mariners Yacht Club, South Bay Yacht Racing Club and Women’s Sailing Association of Santa Monica Bay co-sponsor this event, with coordination coming from Rosalie Davis-Green, the talented skipper and women’s sailing coordinator of the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs.

Santa Monica Bay Sailing Foundation provides additional support to the regatta.

“The regatta is designed to give our women sailors an opportunity to expand their experience and skills,” says Davis-Green.

Two divisions make up this event designed for women.

The WOW (Women on the Water) Division is for boats with women crews and skippers.

A second division, the WAH (Woman at the Helm) Division is for teams that include mixed crews (a male and a female) with a woman at the helm during the entire regatta.

“It’s lots of fun and a little scary the first time you helm a start,” says Davis-Green. “Helming a whole race and a whole regatta can be energizing and maybe even tiring.

“Accomplishment and a greater appreciation of your regular helmsman will definitely become part of your appreciation for sailing.

“Responsibility for your boat, whether it is yours or borrowed is another part of the learning curve. Actions of the crew both on the boat and on the land also become more important.

“This is an invitation to all sailors, men and women, to come forward and participate.

“Men, help and encourage your women crew to add to their skills. Donate your boat, let one of your female crew helm the regatta.

“Women, show what you are made of. You can do more than your usual assignment on the boat. Go for a leadership position. Take the challenge. It is worth it.”

Information and a regatta entry form can be found on the Web at