For people looking for advice on how to change their lives in the new year, Mar Vista resident Christine Kloser’s book Inspiration to Realization has been published just in time.

Published in December, the book offers advice on how women — and men — can get the life they really want.

Kloser compiled articles from 40 women and contributed one article written by herself about strategies designed to help people achieve personal, business, financial and spiritual fulfillment.

“There were so many women I knew through the Network for Empowering Women who talked about wanting to be published authors,” Kloser said.

“The book was a wonderful opportunity for women entrepreneurs to become published authors,” she said, commenting on the women who contributed essays to her book.

Kloser founded the Network for Empowering Women (NEW) several years ago to educate women entrepreneurs on how to start and expand their own businesses.

NEW is based in Santa Monica and offers fee-paying members a variety of services, such as monthly networking meetings, speaker programs, seminars and individual coaching.

“The idea for the Network started with me and my friends talking in the back of a Chinese restaurant,” Kloser said. “This is a miracle, how it happened and when it happened.

“It was an idea that found a successful life of its own.”

All of the women who wrote articles for Inspiration to Realization have a connection to NEW.

The book is divided into three sections — personal fulfillment, business and financial fulfillment and spiritual fulfillment.

Articles include “Roadmap to Retirement,” “The Princess in the Tower Syndrome,” “How the Millionaire Next Door Can Be You,” “Rich Thinking,” “Living in the Absence of Fear,” and “Taking the Next Bold Step.”

Kloser’s article is “Follow Your Heart.” She wrote it from personal experience.

After graduating from Providence College with a bachelor’s degree in business management, she moved to San Diego and left her family and friends behind in Connecticut.

“There’s a place inside you that knows what is right,” Kloser wrote in her article.

“For me, it was saying ‘good-bye’ to my family and friends in Connecticut and saying ‘hello’ to California,” Kloser wrote.

She has been an entrepreneur since 1991 and also has a degree from the Graduate School of Coaching.

Kloser has lived in Mar Vista since 1997 with her husband, author David Kloser. The Klosers also lived for a time in Marina del Rey.

“What I wanted in life was to have the freedom and flexibility to do what I loved and what felt right for me,” Kloser said. “This included having my own business and also having a family.”

Kloser works as the executive director of NEW.

For her book, she spearheaded the project, from concept to design and final product.

She took a do-it-yourself approach to the book, deciding which articles to publish, where in the book they would be placed, type styles, art work, the cover photo and everything else, she says. The book was published under the imprint Love Your Life Publishing.

“This was a tremendously fun project,” Kloser said. “It gives a voice to women to want to make a positive difference in the world.”

Kloser said the book is not just for women.

“A couple of gentlemen have read the book, loved it and endorsed it,” Kloser said. “The strategies can absolutely work for men, too.”

The book will be distributed in bookstores this year and is currently available online at or

A dinner meeting of the group NEW, including a lecture by marketing strategist Adam Urbanski, is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Thursday, January 6th, at the Doubletree Hotel, 1707 Fourth St., Santa Monica. Tickets are $48.

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