In an ongoing labor dispute between service workers and the Hilton Los Angeles Airport, hotel workers have filed a class action lawsuit against the Century Boulevard Corridor hotel, alleging the employees have been denied meal and rest breaks that are required under the California Labor Code.

The lawsuit alleges various state law violations by LAX Hilton management, including that employees were routinely required to work straight through their shift without taking a break for meals or rest. The breaks are

required by the California Labor Code.

The LAX Hilton has also failed to pay workers proper compensation for overtime worked and refused to pay workers for all the time that they worked through their shifts, the complaint alleges.

“It is an affront to workers that in these hard economic times, employers like the LAX Hilton refuse to pay its employees for their work,” alleged Randy Renick, an attorney representing LAX Hilton employees.

Referring to the class-action complaint, a spokesperson for the LAX Hilton said only that “given the pending litigation, it would not be appropriate for us to comment at this time.”

The airport-area hotel has faced other allegations of health and safety violations, including a citation issued in October by the California Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board for failing to minimize the risk of work-related injury to its housekeepers.

The hotel has appealed the citation.