Punch Card II, a group exhibition with works by six artists who merge technology and traditional textiles to create their own unique “digital stitch,” will be presented at the Arena 1 Gallery in Santa Monica, beginning Saturday, March 30 through April 27.
The opening reception is scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. March 30 at Arena 1, 3026 Airport Ave., Santa Monica.
Collectively, the works featured in the exhibition suggest the loom as a precursor for contemporary digital practices, a gallery spokesperson notes.
The artists included in the show are the team of Andy Diaz and Laurel Roth, Nina Katchadourian, Victor De La Rosa, Devorah Sperber and Stephanie Syjuco.
Techniques used by the artists include weaving digitally, pixel by pixel (Hope and Roth), using computer graphics and hand-looming on jacquard power looms (De La Rosa), looming directly on commercially produced photographs (Katchadourian), melding digitally printed patterns and outsourced fabrication with traditional 19th century fabrication (Syjuco), and inverting and deconstructing art historical or pop culture iconography and recomposing the image with individual spools of thread (Sperber).
The artists aim to explore the possibilities between hand and machine in the digital age, the gallery spokesperson said.
Punch Card II is a second iteration of an exhibition initially organized by and exhibited at the Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco at the end of 2012.
Information, (310) 397-7456, or www.arena1gallery.com.