Ana Forrest, founder of the Forrest Yoga Institute of Healing in Santa Monica, received a proclamation from the City of Los Angeles for her work teaching yoga to at-risk youths in South-Central Los Angeles.

The “Yoga in the Hood” program was scheduled to be presented to inner city youths Tuesday, March 28th.

To earn a Forrest Yoga certification, yoga teachers must spend 15 community service hours working with the less fortunate in inner cities.

“I don’t want to be satisfied with my own accomplishment,” Forrest said. “My life purpose is what Native Americans would call ‘Mending the hoop of the people.’

“We are all part of a circle, and I feel strongly that yoga should be shared with everyone, especially kids in the inner city or people without resources for expensive classes.”

Forrest travels the U.S. and the world to teach yoga instructors and audiences her own Forrest Yoga techniques, which involve heat and deep breathing exercises.

She opened her yoga institute in Santa Monica this year and she says she has had in the past celebrity clients such as Marisa Tomei, Dana Delaney, and Lisa Bonet.