Yoh Aoki, said to be the first Japanese sailor to circumnavigate the globe, will be the keynote speaker at the American Sailing Association’s (ASA) West Coast National Meeting, which is scheduled Friday to Sunday, November 9th to 11th, at the Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club, 13589 Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey.

Aoki was just 22 when he sailed a 21-foot boat around the world alone in a voyage that took three years and two months over 30 years ago.

While today’s sailors can rely upon the modern technology of GPS (Global Positioning System) and satellite phones, Aoki used only a sextant to calculate his position on the water. Today Aoki is an ASA-affiliated instructor and owner of the Aoki Sailing School in Japan.

Owners of ASA-affiliated sailing schools, ASA-certified sailing instructors, sailors and representatives will attend the three- day ASA West Coast meeting, which will focus on teaching best practices that promote safety and high quality in sailing education.

More than 270 professionally accredited schools worldwide are affiliated with ASA, which has established levels of expertise for the operation of sailboats and defined the skills and knowledge required for certification at each level. ASA produces educational courses, training manuals and exams, and manages certification programs for sailing students and instructors.

Two new American Sailing Association endorsement courses will make their world debut at the West Coast national meeting. Starpath Navigation founder David Burch will speak about a new ASA weather course, while Captain Tom Tursi, founder and owner of the Maryland School of Sailing, will demonstrate the new ASA Docking Endorsement course.

Experts in several facets of sailing, including weather, navigation, technology, advertising, public relations and Web-based marketing will also speak at the meeting.