Zanbeel Art will present “Youth Art Express 2012,” an international art exhibit in Santa Monica for young artists who are emerging with a fresh perspective.
An opening reception is scheduled Saturday, Dec. 1 from 2 to 7 p.m. The exhibit runs through Thursday, Dec. 6 at Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave. D5, Santa Monica.
Youth Art Express aims to offer a platform for up and coming artists that focuses on the pace and expressions of youth culture within the U.S., as it evolves, grows and develops an identity of its own, event organizers said.
“The exhibit will examine personal, cultural, social, environmental, and global matters that youth around the world are confronted by in their daily lives,” say co-curators Sadaf Ahmed and Raeesa Tar. “We aim to learn about the hopes, dreams, influences, struggles, successes, fears, and joys that they face.”
This year’s exhibit will showcase the works of South Asian and American emerging artists who have joined hands for the love of art, peace and progressive thought. The showcase will focus on youth subculture from an international perspective, as it creatively unites, grows and finds a unique voice of its own, the co-curators said.
All proceeds raised from the exhibit will benefit Zanbeel Art’s South Asian Art and Literacy for Youth program (SAALY), which provides art classes to low socio-economic Los Angeles Unified School District schools facing budget cuts in art education.
Students explore various forms of art, including sculpture, photography, and portraits, view and discuss art from South Asian countries, discuss similarities and differences in relation to their own culture, and are encouraged to view art from an artistic perspective. Teachers and volunteering artists work with students to help transform any negative thoughts and assumptions into deeper understanding, respect and empathy for the various cultures they study.