A Santa Monica youth football player has been selected for a prestigious national scholarship honoring student athletes.

Ty Mahar, a native Santa Monican and member of the Santa Monica Vikings Junior Midget football team, has received the Carl Allegretti Scholarship awarded by the American Youth Football organization.

Mahar was named the “Top AYF Academic Athlete,” recognized for his year-round 4.0 grade point average, strength and skill on the Vikings Junior Midget team, as well as his efforts to better his community and school.

Allegretti, the scholarship’s benefactor, is an American football player as well as a successful businessman. A longtime coach of youth football, Allegretti said he understands the value of education and developed his scholarship with that in mind.

The annual scholarship helps reinforce the values of the world’s largest youth football organization, American Youth Football, by being awarded to the top AYF academic athlete, he says.

“I hope that the annual scholarship helps young men continue to play the great game of football and learn life lessons in the process,” Allegretti said.