The City of Los Angeles Office of Zoning Administration has postponed a decision to grant a conditional use permit to the R & B Station soul food restaurant, which is on the second floor of a building at 5581 Manchester Ave. at Aviation Boulevard in Westchester.

The restaurant owners, Eileen Fykes-Carter and Wayne Stevensen, sought a permit that would allow them to serve a full line of alcoholic beverages in a public dancing and live entertainment establishment.

At a public hearing Thursday, July 8th, the restaurant request was not officially denied but will be heard later when city officials receive specific information from the restaurant concerning a shared parking agreement with other occupants in the shopping center where the restaurant is located.

The zoning administration also wants a parking survey and a list of activities that would take place at the restaurant during late hours.

R & B Station currently has a limited menu, attracts people 30 years old and older, has a dance floor and provides jazz music, Stevensen said.

Stevensen said the restaurant would like permission to serve a full line of alcohol before expanding their menu.

“Our main goal is to be a community-oriented, upscale restaurant,” Stevensen said.

Stevensen asked the Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa del Rey to support the restaurant permit request at a Neighborhood Council meeting Tuesday, July 6th.

Neighborhood Council members unanimously voted to oppose the restaurant request because of concerns about parking and hours of operation.

Denny Schneider, a Neighborhood Council member, said residents who live near the restaurant are worried about patrons parking in the adjacent neighborhood if the shopping center parking lot is full.

According to the restaurant permit application, the shopping center lot has 91 parking spaces and the restaurant can hold 158 patrons.

Neighborhood Council members also disapproved restaurant plans to stay open “after hours” from 2 to 5 a.m.

“I don’t think the neighbors will like intoxicated people wandering around in the middle of the night,” Schneider said.

“I’ve heard it as bar/restaurant. I’ve also heard it as nightclub/bar.

“Which is it?” Schneider asked.

Stevensen replied that R & B Station is a restaurant.